The Help of God

Do you know that God thinks of us every hour of the day?  God has no limitations; there will never be a time when He will be unable to help us. He is our help in time of need.

The truth of the matter is that we need help from God every single day of our lives…I need help–you need help, we all need help. Thank God, we can come to Him for the help we need and know that He is always available to not only steer us in the right direction but to provide those things essential to our well-being and keep us on the right path.

This world is a battlefield, without divine help, we will all suffer defeat, humiliation, and shame.

Men will fail but when it comes to God, we are dependent on Him… He is the author and giver of life. We are dependent upon Him for our next breath or heartbeat. That is the fact of the matter. God intentionally design problems to come into our lives so that we reach the end of ourselves, call out to Him for deliverance, and thereby experience and appreciate the great love he has for us.

Without divine help people will forget you and men will abandon you.

Having faith in difficult times can allow you to find peace in God’s presence. When you are unfaithful, it can harden your heart with pride and cause you to grow distant in your relationship with Him. Learning to give up all your struggles and problems to God can lift a heavy burden off you. It’s a strategy we all need to adopt.

Now that we understand what God’s help is, how it comes and what normally comes after, we need to understand what qualifies every one of us for God’s help.

What qualifies you for God’s help?

God helps those who put themselves in a position to receive His grace. We do that in many ways but we will be speaking about a few.

God Helps Those Who…

  • Admit their need (Mark 10:46) – Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight when he admitted his need.
  • (Mark 10: verse 46, 47) Trust Him fully- He also had his trust in what Jesus was capable of.
  • Follow in Christian discipleship – (Mark 10:52) He understood the need to follow Jesus once he has received his healing.

The beggar threw his cloak aside! Why is this important?. Throwing his coat aside is a symbol of complete trust in Christ (you need to do away with your distractions if you want to follow God). It’s a symbol of not leaning on your understanding but leaning on Christ which is a strategy that goes a long way to build the life we want with God.

Have you ever stood looking out into the future only to see no safe and sure way forward? Graduation with no job in sight. Or at the other end of things, you get laid off. Your son or daughter who is heedless of the fire they’re playing with. The consuming depression. Divorce seems to be the end, more than marriage. A terrible decision to be made. A move away from all you’ve known and loved. Retirement to what? The terrible diagnosis.

It is not in vogue to admit we need help outside of ourselves. Earthly thinking tells us to pull ourselves up and do it our way. Scripture teaches that we need something from outside of ourselves to intervene so we can realize our full potential.

What do you tell yourself in those times? A lot of times, we tell ourselves useless things. Our self-talk only drives us deeper into a kind of spiritual wilderness. Your answer is simple, walk with and in him, seek the help of God and things will work for you.

We need to be prepared for times like that. We need a song for treacherous journeys. Psalm 121 is one of the Bible’s most beloved psalms. It begins, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from?” “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

God promises help to those who will follow him fully. God is close to those who walk in the light that they have. A fact that only a few understand

Conclusively, you may say, “I’ve sinned too much! I don’t deserve God’s help!” That’s great! You’re still a candidate for God’s grace regardless of your circumstance. No matter how great your problems are, you will find mercy from God if you call out to Him for salvation. We need to question is, if we are calling for God? Now is the time to rethink your stand and figure out whose side you are on.

God bless you!

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