Commitment for Continuity: Last Edition


Anchor passage: I Peter 1:16

“Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy”.

Today’s anchor scripture is short, easy to read or write within a second, easy to recite without delay but it is an INSTRUCTION that seems to be the most difficult to OBEY by MAJORITY. Do you want to argue that? Okay, let us attempt an exercise. Tick the number of days that you have righteously aligned your daily lives with the verse above. If we are true to ourselves, I doubt we can proudly count 30 days of just lives. “If it is not because of the frustrating conductor at Oshodi, or my boss that appraised lower than expected, or this or that, Holiness would have been my Mantra”. These are some of the tales by moonlight many of us give. Don’t even let us drill deeper into other dangerous steps of fornication, adultery, disobedience, rebellion to mention but a few. But do you know what? The Key to a sustainable, enjoyable, purpose-driven, God-pleasing life is simply HOLINESS.

Growing up as a kid, I used to believe that term Holiness is only for Pastors, Pastors’ wives and families, or altar ministers, while the rest of us are covered by His Grace, as Papa God understand say, e no go dey easy to overlook some mata. Unfortunately, no one is excluded from the instruction of HOLINESS. The scriptures make us understand that it is only the person, people, generation with clean hands and pure hearts, those who do not lift their souls to what is false and do not swear deceitfully are the only entitled beneficiaries to receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness. They are the only ones that can seek the face of God without shame, ascend His hill and stand firm in His place.

This implies that without HOLINESS, assurance of good life on earth and Eternity is not given. A person who cannot access God, or stand firm in His place as a child, I wonder where else he can receive divine blessings without sorrow. How can we face the storm, shackles, troubles, wars, turbulence of life if we are not assured of His presence? Mind you, the presence of the Lord gives joy to the broken, Peace in the middle of the storm. But the simple requirement to enjoy the sustainable and everlasting presence of the Almighty God is HOLINESS. His glory is too powerful that it can not be contaminated by our stains. We see this evident when Moses’ face shone so much that the children of Israel could not bestow the Glory.

Scriptures say the Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Heb 4:12. Do you want to live a glorious, honorable, God-pleasing, joyous, and eternity-assured life today? What are you waiting for? Today’s topic is a take-home-to-appraise-and-rededicate-our-lives’ message because HOLINESS is simply the OXYGEN to that life you desire in CHRIST.

Let us pray:

Father, we thank you for your living Word, we thank you for your promises, encouragements, precepts, and very important instructions because we are assured that we are being instructed and chastised because you love us dearly. Thank you for your Holy Spirit, the reminder of all truths. Be thou exalted O Lord.
Today, we have come with our filthy rags for renewal of garments, submit our stained lives for cleansing, surrender our unholy tongues for your coal of cleansing, our hands and feet of atrocities washing, and our wicked and unjust hearts for salvation. Lord, we want to be counted amongst those that will be caught up to heaven at the sound of the trumpet and not caught on earth for eternal condemnation.
We pray for Grace to remain holy and perfect as you are in Heaven. We pray for the Grace to humbly listen to your Spirit when reminded of the truths. Lord at the end of our time on earth, please help us present ourselves and works gloriously.
In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray with thanksgiving.


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