Pressing in Stillness

Psalm 42:2 “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?” 

As much as stillness seems like a state of inactivity, as you wait in faith for God, one thing is to press in fellowship with Him.

Soaking is necessary as you remain still. A baby has no strength of its own and completely just waits on the mother to feed, lift her and care for her. However, a baby soaks in the mother’s milk and also soaks up in learning the ways of life from her mother.

As you stay still before God do not waste that time, because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. What you have with you right now is time, because when the answer comes you may not be as free as you were. Hence, learn as much as you can from this period. Pray, study, and have quiet time alone. Meditate, separate yourself if you must for a while to reflect, learn and unlearn.

Joseph was still, laying in prison, however, he didn’t stay idle. He used that time to sow seeds of greatness, helping people interpret their dreams until the time came when his seeds germinated and his dreams began to manifest.

There is no time wasted when it comes to God. Consider this stillness as the digging before the foundation is laid for that edifice that you are trusting God for—When you are digging, you keep pressing, adjusting and fine-tuning. Pray for the grace to press and press now so that your edifice will not have a shallow foundation.

One more thing, a man who is digging does not listen to side talks and noise. He keeps his focus on his faith.

Let Us Act As We Pray

Father realign me in any way that I have been misaligned—Help me to press.

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