Place A Demand: The Word Saves

Psalm 107:20 “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

Words have the power to save, however, the vessel from which the words come matters. I asked God, “Why is it that the moment God spoke the word at creation everything came to be?” and He said “It is because God spoke the words.

The moment a man associates himself with God, His words carry the same authority as God. This means that the vessel matters in terms of authority accrued to the words.

I asked God again, “How would you explain the saving power of the word to a layman?” and He answered, “Because of the power in the word, when it is spoken, it becomes a seed and that seed grows, hence when it is sown in the heart of the hearer or the reader, He consciously or unconsciously begins to ruminate on the sown word and then it begins to liberate the fellow. Even if He is also a believer, the word keeps coming to guide the fellow from veering off the right path”. Hence, the word meets you at any level you are, picks you up as it is sown in you and then begins to liberate you.

It is very clear that the word of God is mighty to save and once it is released, it is mandated to yield results.

Now that you know, what demand will you place on the word?

Place A Demand:

Ask till your joy is full.
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