Many a time, we see those whose lives are yielded to God in the open and desire greatly to be like them. This is because of the many beautiful things we see as their attributes – sometimes, physical, sometimes not. However, what we fail to realize in most cases is that those individuals didn’t arrive at that level over the night. They didn’t get there by their own human calculations and permutations; neither did they get there by the works of their parents. Their secret is yieldedness to God.

In our walk and relationship with God, there is a compulsory room that we must enter willingly. In this room, we must give up every right we have to ourselves and surrender these rights to God. This room is called the molding room. It is in this room that we can truthfully tell God to let His will be done. It is important to note that molding for us as children of God is easier when we are surrendered to the will of the Father. You know, there are some individuals that find themselves all of a sudden in the molding room- this is an act of God’s sovereignty; however, they don’t find it as easy as those who totally surrendered to the Father from the onstart. Which of these categories of individuals would you rather be? Think about it.

The Almighty Father is our Molder. He determines what tools to use in molding us. He determines the outcome of what He chooses to mold us into. He determines our usefulness after molding us. He determines the duration and location of our molding. He alone determines the number of times you will be molded. Guess what? He won’t stop until you become what He has in mind. One beautiful thing is however certain in all of these, His intentions are pure, beautiful, good and for our good.

Beloved, the situation you are passing through right now despite your many prayers and commitment to God may be because you are in God’s molding room. It is in preparation for the glory ahead. Romans 8:18. It is to make you last long and end well at the throne God has already prepared for you. God loves you and is willing to do anything to preserve His legacy and promises for you. Are you ready to surrender totally to God’s will? Are you ready to ask God to mold you?

Let Us Pray.

Dear Father, help me to be willing to do whatever You want and ask of me. Strengthen me by Your mercy to pass through the molding process successfully so that I’d be what and who You want me to be in Jesus’ name. Thank You because You hear me always. In Jesus’ name I prayed. Amen.

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