In Favour with God

God can be selective in His businesses with people, that is, in the way, He relates with different people. Sometimes we call these preferences and that’s true! God may choose to relate with one person differently from how he relates with another person. All of these have to do with your positioning and personal choices, which all stem from your relationship with God.

In January, the theme, the oil of ease was introduced to you and we told you that the oil makes you burst into the realms of the extraordinary, where things begin to work out for you beyond your efforts. Likewise, in February, we also introduced you to one of the proceeds of the oil of ease, which is light. We told you that when the light comes, your life begins to take meaningful shapes and you become the centre of attraction. This month, we are considering the topic ‘the favored of God’, that is, one who is singled out by God.

One who is favored by God is not just singled out but also comes into the limelight. Favor means undeserved preference. When you are favored, you will be preferred, loved, and blessed above all. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you did more or are better off. Favor is a bestowed honor. When God chooses to favor you, He looks beyond your shortcomings and stands you out. Even when people begin to talk behind, God wouldn’t listen to them. Favor is a kind of special grace that is released upon a man. Favor is like stepping out of darkness into light. Favor is like honey released upon your endeavors. Favor is what you and I need in this life.

Favor & the Oil of Ease

The Bible says in Genesis 1:2 that after the Holy Spirit moved upon the face of the deep, God spoke and light came. The earth received light and darkness left, everything took shape. The earth became favored, and life sprung forth. Things began to grow on the surface of the earth, animals came and humans could also live on earth. Favor is you stepping into the light as soon as God releases the oil of ease upon you.

Of all that lived on the face of the earth, only Noah and his daughters found favor in the sight of God. That favor preserved their lives from the terrible flood that hit the earth.

Because God is God, and supreme over all, when you find favor in His sight, your life is preserved and things begin to work out for you. God’s favor can take you from nothing to higher grounds and it raises alarms because your breakthrough will be sudden and people will begin to wonder how come.

Because the supernatural controls the natural, when you are in favor of God, every man and every creature must favor you. All creatures must align to fulfill the mandate of favor over your life because God gave the command. The favor of God overlooks your background, qualifications, and even literacy. The favor of God is a fragrance of glory. Every man needs this. Favor removes bad odors from your life, it removes evil spells, and it overshadows your inadequacies. Favor is a must-get for all.

How to Access God’s Favor

  • Seek God wholeheartedly
  • Seek His will in all your endeavors
  • Love God with all your heart and be obedient to Him
  • Seek the kingdom of God above all. Serve God
  • Forget about yourself and concern yourself with His business
  • Give to God’s work and give in your own capacity to people. Give what you have, money, food, and counsel. Be kind. Stop being selfish
  • Ask for the oil of ease. Ask for favor from God.
  • Sometimes you don’t even need to ask before God releases His favor on you because it is not an entitlement but a privileged grace. However, God is a faithful rewarder, He never forgets your selfless works.

He sees your secret efforts. God never forgets. Mordecai may have been at the gate of the city but God did not forget Him. David may have been in the bush but God did not forget Him. Favor is grace released on Sons.

Your time of favor may be different from that of your friend, don’t worry, God has not forgotten about you. He sees and knows and chooses who He bestows His favor on and he decides the time too.

Don’t be discouraged by the favor of God upon others, keep seeking God, He will soon remember you and when He does, your progress will be fast-tracked.

Relevance attracts favor. Keep on adding value.

By Mary Adelakun

Mary Adelakun is an author of gospel inspirational books, presently on Amazon stores. She is the founder of ENIITAN RC. She currently works as an assistant community manager for Career4All, a firm that mentors trained youths in the vocational sphere for Lagos State, UNDP, USADF, and GIZ. She is a content creator, editor, and publisher. Mary has qualifications and knowledge in lab technology, digital training, spa therapy, aromatherapy, physical therapy, advocacy, public health, and several other soft professional skills, including project management. Overall, Mary has been able to carve a niche in gospel content creation and is also involved in guiding young people towards purpose discovery.

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