Psalm 30:7, 89:17, Gen 1:3

Research has shown that several people pray endlessly for favor, that’s just a testament to how important it is to humans. Just one simple encounter of favor can change the trajectory of one’s life. To be favored by man is great but to be favored by God is the end goal. The favor of God supersedes human understanding.

What does it mean to be favored by God?

Being favored by God simply means God stepping into one’s situation to make a worthwhile difference. Favor is the highway to connect your destiny. In (Genesis 6:8), the Bible says: “But Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord.” When you are connected to favor, you are connected to good and grace.

When the favor of God is upon a man, he will be secured and protected against all oppositions and anti-favor moves of men. We can see this kind of favor operating in the life of Daniel. He and all the Israelites were prisoners in Babylon. For reasons that can’t be explained naturally, though, he had favor with the leaders of the land (Dan. 1:9).

In other accounts, we learn that Daniel had so much favor with the leaders of the land, he was elevated to prestigious positions in the Babylonian kingdom. Even though the circumstances were stacked against him, Daniel eventually became the prime minister of Babylon.

A man is said to experience favor when he is selected for something good among many qualified counterparts. For instance, Esther was selected among several other beautiful ladies that are qualified to be the queen. (Esther 2: 15-17).

How do we experience this Favour of God?

  • When a man is chosen for the position he is not naturally qualified for, especially among others that are far better than him. David was the most unqualified person naturally in his family, but God rejected others to look for him. (1 Samuel 16: 11-13)
  • When a man seeks face of God in prayer, and have all his request granted. A very good example is the account of Jabez. (1 Chron 4: 9-10).
  • When help is made available to a man at a time and from a place he least expected. Like the case of the man waiting at the pool of Bethesda. (John 17: 1-15)
  • When a man is always receiving kindness from others as a result of God’s hand on his life. At every turbulent time in the life of Joseph, he was always finding help from somebody.

Becoming the Favoured of God

As amazing as those experiences are, it’s almost impossible to be favored by God without understating the tools required to be favored by God.

Now, it’s safe to say that before getting favored by God, you must have established a relationship with him. It is essential to understand that the way you live matters. So how can we achieve that?

Firstly, we must give our hearts to God and have true prayer and communion with God by help the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, we must read, meditate and confess God’s word until it becomes flesh; practice the word.

Thirdly, we should set our intentions right in all things and accept God’s counsel, not thinking of ourselves, but obeying God’s instructions—following His leading.

Finally, we live righteously and allow God to birth His love through us to others.

Everyone who is being favored by God today has had to go through some tests. Like Daniel, Esther, and Noah—You must seek God selflessly till the very end. Favor is grace that God gives to His true sons and daughters. Be prepared to serve God selflessly.

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