Potency: The Word Is Quick

Our bible text, Psalm 29:3, tells us that the voice of the Lord is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the Lord is upon many waters. 

It is safe to say the text above is talking about the voice of God in a storm. When there’s a storm you no longer speak with your voice, you speak with the Lord’s voice which becomes effective and quick as the word dwells in you.

As a Christian, when studying the Bible, the Holy Spirit has the go-ahead to effect God’s Word in the life of that believer. The Holy Spirit will recall the Word to teach, inspire, and encourage.
God’s Word is quick and efficient because it is literally at work. God spoke and by His word the heavens and the earth were made. The word of God penetrates the soul of man. Like a sharp sword, His Word can cut through the skin of humanism and self-will, to lay open the heart of men. The word is a deliverer in times of trouble.
According to the book of (Hebrews 4:12), the word of God is quick and powerful.

The word of God is quick when it is hidden in our hearts. Like King David when he was faced with challenges, he was able to speak the word of God quickly because the word of God was hidden in his heart.

When the word of God is our delight and we meditate on it day and night, taking reference from (Psalm 1:2), the word begins to mould our communication system with men and help us to always have a godly conversation.
When the word of God is quick in us, whenever we open our mouths to speak, it produces fire. The word is quick in us, it helps to respond to negative thoughts and change the way we see things and situations. It can also help us start seeing them from the place of victory as explained in (Proverbs 23:7) “as a man thinketh so he is”. When the word of God is quick in your mind, it changes your thinking.

In conclusion, when faced with a negative thought about any situation don’t counter your thoughts with thoughts rather, you must learn to counter your thoughts with the Word because the Word of God is quick to nullify evil thoughts, hence, it must be spoken at all times.
Remember, his words never fall to the ground without manifestation.

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