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Psalm 103:17 “But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children's children”

The year 2022… When storms almost wrecked my family apart. [reminiscing]

I could remember how it was, times when I just couldn’t stop sobbing. A home that was supposed to be a place of solace turned into almost a war zone. Gradually we drifted apart and we became the enemy of each other up to the point when I almost moved out of the house for peace. This was the time my health almost failed me. I almost saw life sifting out of me. I wonder what went so wrong.

Thank God for the spiritual counsel that saved me! Instead of complaining about what was not working or dwelling on my pain, I became an intercessor for my family–praying to God for healing from hurts and putting off the fire of range.

One thing I have told God is to take sorrow and pain far away from me and my home; giving us joy, peace and sweetness.

For every pain experienced this year, I am thankful because I would never have embraced the best that God wanted me to have.

That I am alive alone, is a testimony because my life is a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness even in the storm.

I can only see reasons to be grateful. I can only have greater times in the new year.

Lord, I am grateful!

The end.

By Mary Adelakun

Mary Adelakun is an author of gospel inspirational books, presently on Amazon stores. She is the founder of ENIITAN RC. She currently works as an assistant community manager for Career4All, a firm that mentors trained youths in the vocational sphere for Lagos State, UNDP, USADF, and GIZ. She is a content creator, editor, and publisher. Mary has qualifications and knowledge in lab technology, digital training, spa therapy, aromatherapy, physical therapy, advocacy, public health, and several other soft professional skills, including project management. Overall, Mary has been able to carve a niche in gospel content creation and is also involved in guiding young people towards purpose discovery.

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