My Testimonies (3)


Hello there!

How about we write a letter together to our Father, the Almighty for how far He’s brought us this year? I will go first.

Dear Father,

When this year began, I was happy to be alive and grateful for things and the people around me; although we weren’t where I’d have wanted us to be, however, our lots were still good. I looked forward to what the year had to deliver in every area that concerned me.

Of course, Father, I had expectations and targets to meet at different points of the year. I am here to testify of Your love, abilities, capacities, enduring mercies, kindness and goodness towards me and mine. Thank you for the many battles we didn’t know you were fighting on our behalf, thank You for the many victories we didn’t deserve, but your mercies and righteousness brought our way. Thank You for divine and supernatural provision. Thank You for being consistent in forgiving me and mine of our sins. Thank You!

Dear Father, how can I forget the many times we needed directions, leading and guidance and You came through for us more than the speed of lightning? Thank you for being our Defence, Glory, Shield and Lifter up of our heads. Thank You, Father, for being our All in All! Our Alpha, our Omega, thank You so much!

I may not be as expressive as I would have loved to be, but my heart is filled with gratitude to You – the Greatest God. I love You, Adonai!

I praise You, Jehovah!

In faith and total submission to You; thank You for the coming year because eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard, and it hasn’t even come to the thoughts of any man what You have prepared for us. I love You, Father.

Again, Father, thank You and I love You!

Yours alone.

Make sure you express yourself to the Father on how grateful You are, okay?

God bless you!

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