No Longer Redundant

Psalm 23: 2b & 3a “His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss. That’s where he restores and revives my life.” (TPT)

God’s wish for his children is that they get rewarded for their labour, yet many of his children are labouring day in and day out without results to show for their efforts and what they lack is the oil of ease.

A man is set to be redundant when he doesn’t know the value of what he Carries (The Holy Ghost).

Fat is useful but the accumulation of it in a particular place is what causes disaster.
When a man stays in a place without recognizing and utilizing his value, he remains irrelevant.

Salts in the sea are of not much value but a drop of it in the soup gives a great result. It turned out that salt is useful and a must-have after all.– M.A.

When you receive the oil of ease from the Holy Spirit, things are easier for you. God’s intention for us is not to struggle in life and be weary before he helps us.

When the anointing of ease is upon you it shows your value and necessity. You cannot be a carrier of this oil if you are not connected to the Source.

It is possible to go through life struggling and sweating to make ends meet or to survive in life while it’s also possible to soar in the atmosphere of ease.

God can make you fly higher above your peers when the oil of ease is upon you, the Bible says Elijah ran faster than the chariots because the hand of God was upon him, when the hand of God is upon you, you step into ease.

The reason why most believers remain redundant is that they are too lazy to access the oil of ease and they don’t know the value of what the oil can do for them.

The oil of ease takes a man from the prison to the palace, this was highlighted in Joseph’s life (Genesis 41). Even as a slave or a prisoner, Joseph was never redundant or irrelevant. Everywhere he went, He was relevant.

Joseph was needed to interpret the dream of the pharaoh while he was in prison, this is because the oil of ease was upon him which made him exceptional and gave him the understanding for interpretations. A believer can’t carry the oil of ease and still not be needed. A Believer who Carries the oil of ease is a sought-after believer. (Daniel 2:13)

When the oil of ease is in someone’s life you will never struggle to get your benefits. When God releases the oil, you become the head and not the tail, you’d confidently walk in purpose and be a carrier of great value.

How do you access the oil of ease?

  • Be genuinely born again
  • For the infilling of the Holy Ghost
  • Spend Quality time with the Holy Spirit
  • Read and study the word of God
  • Be obedient to the Lord’s instructions to you.

When you hurry in life leaving God behind, you become weary easily, the oil helps in giving strength for the journey ahead. You cannot access the oil unless you become a child of God.

A man that operates under the oil of ease never depends on his strength. The oil of ease makes a redundant person to be a person of value.

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