Little Zoi

A long time ago, in a far country, dwelt a farmer called Pabo, the greatest farmer of the Uzazi Land, a man of influence and stature—known by all as the best of his kindred. It was the same Pabo whose wife, Zita had just been delivered of a baby girl, named Zoi.

Everyone in Uzazi Land heard of the birth of Zoi

The birth of Little Zoi was foretold even before her parents were born. The greatest Seer, Ukanga had told Zoi’s ancestors that there would come a spring in their lineage—a baby girl, who would be born in their fifth generation and would bring so much joy to the Land of Uzazi. Hence, the ancestors of Zoi kept counting every passing generation until the fifth—using a sharp stone to leave a mark on their ancestral rock, as each generation passed. The forefathers of Zoi told this tale to their children who also passed the tale to the other generations, each kept marking the ancestral rock to represent the passing of one generation to another, until the fourth generation—which was Zoi’s parent.

Unlike every other child, Zoi did not have a normal childhood, because she was a child of destiny—one whose birth was foretold by the ancestors.

Baby Zoi grew in leaps and bounds, surrounded by the love of many. She was the apple of the eye of the entire people of Uzazi. Everyone wanted to bring gifts to Pabo and Zita for the arrival of their baby. Gifts flowed in, so much that Pabo had to construct a special barn to accommodate the gifts from the people, for they were too many. Even the king, Dani the Second, was trying to form an alliance with Zoi’s parents for his son, Danoi, who he intended to make the future spouse of Zoi when she was ripe for marriage.

Everyone had one name on their lips—Zoi the child of destiny.

Light fades.

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