Oil of Joy

For thou hast lovedst righteousness and hated iniquity, therefore, God, even thy God has anointed you with the oil of gladness above thy brethren. Hebrew 1:9 KJV
“You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You above Your companions with the oil of joy.” Hebrews 1‬:‭9 BSB‬‬

The Scriptures up there were deliberately posted so we’d be aware that God has provisions for every department of our lives. As against the thoughts and beliefs of many, Christianity isn’t sorrowful. Our Father understands the implication of a merry heart. He understands the framework of every man. Thus, even before we knew Him, He provided a strategy to not only be merry but to be joyful and to stay joyful. He did it in such a way that if a child of His decides to be joyful all the days of his life, there is a laid down principle for it.

Joy doesn’t come from mundane things. If it does, the world would have joy. But what they have is based on temporary and physical things that can disappear in the twinkling of an eye. What we have, the joy we have is eternal! Hallelujah!

The book of Psalms tells us that joy emanates from the PRESENCE OF GOD. Psalms 16:11. Our God is a holy God that delights in holiness. He isn’t just holy, but He demands holiness from us, His children. This brings us to our text, what sustains and increases our oil of joy is not just being righteous, but in loving righteousness. It doesn’t end there, you must not just be righteous and love righteousness alone, you must hate iniquity and everything that comes with it.

When we do the above, our Father is propelled to anoint us with the oil of joy. It is also important to note that the oil of joy comes only from God. Thus, it is not sponsored by ephemeral things.

Another important aspect to note about the oil of joy is that God doesn’t want just us anointed. He wants us to nurture those who would also desire to be righteous, love righteousness and hate iniquity.

If you as a child of God realize that you’re running out of the oil of joy in your life, check if your relationship with God is still intact. Conduct an examination on your heart by the Holy Ghost to ensure that you haven’t cut yourself off God’s supply of His oil of joy.

Do you also know that to be strong and remain strong, you need the consistent run of the oil of joy? Check Nehemiah 8:10. To win in life, you need the oil of joy, no wonder King David won all the battles his enemies brought to him. Hebrews 45:6-7.

Dearly Beloved, do all you can as the Holy Ghost will help you to have consistent access to the oil of joy. Here on earth, we cant do without it. If you must know, there is joy in heaven. The Bible says there is great joy in heaven when a sinner repents. Luke 15:7

Let Us Pray

Dear Holy Spirit, please, help me. May my access to You—the Spirit of Joy—never diminish in Jesus’ name. Show me mercy in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. 

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