In Favour With Time

In the human race, time is powerful. Anyone who has a good track of time management is deemed a wise and effective person. To support this, the Bible affirms that there is time for everything, thus, everything should be done in its stipulated timing to achieve and derive the best in what has to be done. Another affirmation for understanding timing was when the Bible said that the sons of Issachar were more knowledgeable than their brethren because they understood times and seasons (1 Chronicles 12:32).

All these are true, however, when it comes to God, only the truth about time stands. With God, the truth about time is that God created time for His children and not His children for time. This is why time according to God is different from time according to man. When Joshua in our text was on the battlefield with God’s enemies, the sun was about to set because that’s the function God gave to it from the first day of its creation. When the enemies, Joshua and the Israelites were fighting, perhaps they were happy that some of them would escape because the battle will pause or end pending or the time and brightness will be restored—which was to be the next day. God however shocked everyone. He inspired Joshua to ask what no one had ever asked before—he told him to command the sun to stand still. The sun and the moon and every other thing that needed to cooperate for Joshua to destroy all his enemies that day did so.

When time is in your favour, it means that everything you know and don’t know will cooperate to make sure you have what you need to move forward and to be a victor in all circumstances of life.

A major character who understood what it meant for time to be in one’s favour was King David. Each time he was going to war, he ensured that he got his strategies from the One who created time for men. It was when God told him to strike at the enemy that he did. A great example of this act can be seen in 2 Samuel 5:19-25. By doing this, he was always ahead of time against his enemies and had time in his favour. He is the only King of Israel who never lost any battle or war. You too can be in favour with time, just be obedient to the counsels of the Holy Ghost, seek Him diligently, and it’ll be well with you in Jesus’ name.

Beloved, I pray for you today, everything you have lost as a result of time not being in your favour is restored republic in the mighty name of Jesus. Our Father, the great Overturner will overturn time until it tilts to you again in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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