To Wealth

God, our Father is so merciful and benevolent towards His children; believe me, it is such a privilege not just to be affiliated with the Almighty Father but to be His children. Being God’s child is not just a title, it is a reality. This reality comes with many known and unknown benefits attached to it. The Bible tells us that eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard, neither has it come to the heart of any man what God has in store for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9). Who else loves a Father if not His children? Our God is not just our Father that is in heaven, He is the Daddy that is in us. So, you see that those not in Jesus irrespective of their material statuses are missing out on a lot, right?

Our God created everything, He’s the sole proprietor of everything, and can give to anyone anything He deems fit. However, before our Dad hands over to anyone anything, He firsts prove your capacity and capabilities. He does this so that we would see where we need to grow and take up the challenge to grow.

We need to understand that the true definition of wealth is beyond money and what money can buy. The true definition of wealth lies in the inspiration to curate solutions that will generate an all-round relevance and necessity from one generation to the other. Wealth from God to His children is a total package. It comes with joy, peace, wisdom, a stronger relationship with God, answers to the problems and challenges of everyone around us, etc.

When we tell God to grant us access to wealth, we must REALIZE that it is nothing to Him. He has given us the most important of all – Jesus and the Holy Ghost! Through Jesus, we have access to anything we can ever dream of! All we need to do is ask, prove ourselves faithful and judiciously use what He has committed to us. When we do this, true and durable wealth will be committed into our hands.

Brethren, understand that when God grants you access to wealth, it isn’t primarily for you; it is for the assignment of blessing those He’s placed around you and for the work that He has committed to your hands.

Having said this, know this: to whom much is given, much and very much is expected. Also Beloved, don’t chase after riches, ask God for true and durable wealth. God bless you.

Let Us Pray!

Dear Lord, thank You for the wisdom to understand that true wealth comes from You and is for You. In the name of Jesus, I receive the wisdom on how to access the portion of the wealth You have for me, I receive the wisdom never to be prodigal with it, and I also receive the wisdom to judiciously appropriate Your grace for wealth over my life in Jesus’ name.
Thank You because You hear me always in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name, I pray! Amen!

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