by Enoch Rotimi
Bible Text: (1 kings 8:22-27, Romans 8:34)

Who is an intercessor?
An intercessor is a person who stands in the gap in the place of prayer on behalf of a family, ministry or nation.

A resident intercessor is a person who is in a city, society, family or group of believers who is always on their knees praying for those standing. A resident intercessor is a Person who prays until the city, family and society is taken for Christ. A person who intercedes.

God entrust city, nations and destinies in the hands of intercessors. intercessors are not just people who volunteer to pray on a behalf of matters, they are God chosen they are people with a devoted, dedicated and committed heart to stand in the gap, they are people who are not always tired of crying to God, they seek the face of God always, they depend on God and not on their power, they trust God wholeheartedly, they fix their gaze on Jesus, they are people who have consistent word and prayer life to ensure God agenda is fulfilled.

Intercessors are characterized as people who cover grounds in the spirit on behalf of the family, Society and destines God has placed in their hands. That’s why in the book of (1 Corinthians 1:1-9), God chose people to partner with his son our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, because you’re always present and available for prayer meetings doesn’t make you an INTERCESSOR, you need to know your calling and walk in it because God’s will Is like a blueprint where every son of God had been giving their allocation to fulfil them.

A resident INTERCESSOR is a person who sacrifices a lot and is prone to attacks, this particular statement is not to scare any INTERCESSOR because he who has called you to be an INTERCESSOR is faithful to back up and shield you from any attack. Intercessors are people who stay on their knees to remind God of his promises (1 kings 7:22-24). Intercessors are pillars of destiny (1king 13:6). Resident intercessors are people who pray for the unbelievers in a family, society and nation until God shows his mercy on them (2 chronicles 6:25).

An Intercessor is like a Father and mother of a nation who arises in the place of prayer and supplication to protect the land. Intercessors are people who gain territorial integrity for Jesus Christ (judges 7). Jesus Christ was the greatest intercessor while he was on the earth and even when he got to heaven (Romans 8:34). An intercessor must have courage, steadfastness, endurance, consecration and self-sacrifice as we saw in the life of Paul.

How do you intercede?

1. Ask God to strengthen you and fill you with so much grace and help because you can’t do it alone
2. Let God know that you’re available to be the answer to the prayers you’re praying for people
3. Find a scripture to always back what you’re interceding for.
4. Take time to thank God for the people you’re interceding for
5. Always set a reminder to pray.


Father help me to pray (Luke 1:18)

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