Reigniting the Fire on Your Altar

Our altars are representations of our relationship with God. It’s a place built by offering consistent sacrifices of obedience, prayers, and worship to God. It’s a place where deep communion and communication with God are made easy and possible. At our altar, God never misses an appointment when it comes to meeting with Him and vice versa.

Reignition takes place when something is at the state of needing a restart or a reawakening. Many of us started well in our relationship with God. We never missed our quiet time with Him, He was always the first person we’d seek advice from, we depended on Him and trusted Him to sort out all that needed sorting. But along the line, our visits to the place of our altar declined until the altar was abandoned.

It’s important to note here that we don’t build our altars in ignorance. It takes every ounce of deliberateness and awareness we can muster. In the same way, we don’t build our altars in ignorance, we also don’t maintain our altars in ignorance. Our altar remains an altar if we put the sacrifices required on it, coupled with fire to have a sweet-smelling savour rising to God.

Is your altar in a state of coldness? This could be because you got busy with other things you deemed important, could also be because you got carried away with working for God and not walking with God, and could be because you focused on the achievements and successes of the past. The reasons are endless, it is however your responsibility to find out what is quenching the fire on your altar, take it out and focus on the aliveness of your altar.

How To Reignite Your Altar:

  1. Go to God in repentance, without an excuse
  2. Be willing to do whatever God tells you to after you repent
  3. Take away the ashes from your altar. Numbers 4:13
  4. Rebuild the altar if need be like Elijah. 1 Kings 18:30
  5. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you fresh fire on your altar. Do this by studying and meditating on the Word of God, praying and fasting, and telling people about Jesus.

By God’s grace, your altar is guaranteed to be reignited when you humbly follow the steps above. God bless you.

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