Altering the Operations of Spiritual Wickedness

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5, KJV).

The party is over, devil! Leave now!

One major thing that the kingdom of darkness uses against you is fear. The moment they see a trace of fear in you, they leverage it and make you a slave. Hence, the first thing you must do to declare war against the enemy is to be a friend of God. As long as you have God as your Ally, you know that there is nothing to fear. The Bible says that those that know their God will be strong and do exploit. Daniel 11:32.

Speaking with authority to the devil; asking him to quit, leave your vicinity and your life is what you should be doing. You only beg with the devil when he is your father, master or slave master.

Several things can make a man become a son, a slave or a captive of the devil. Amongst them are:

  • Sin makes you a slave to your addictions and the devil.
  • When you do not have Christ in you, you are enslaved to the will and torment of the devil.
  • Being a member of an occult group puts you at the mercy of demons and the devil.

The only true safety and harbour are at the side of God.

Apart from being a friend of God, to alter the operations of spiritual wickedness, you must:

  • pray fervently and without ceasing
  • know what the scriptures says
  • live by the word
  • use the Word as a weapon
  • deny your flesh by declaring a fast

The moment your territory becomes a warzone for the enemy and too hot, he will leave. But if your zone is conducive for him, he will pitch his tent. This world is a spiritual battlefield, you can’t afford to be sleeping when your enemy is not.

Wake up and pray!

Read your Bible, know what it says and use it as a weapon!

Win over your flesh by declaring a fast!

Raise your voice, use the Word of God and ask the devil to get out and leave you alone!!!

The ball is in your court. Do what you must!

By Mary Adelakun

Mary Adelakun is an author of gospel inspirational books, presently on Amazon stores. She is the founder of ENIITAN RC. She currently works as an assistant community manager for Career4All, a firm that mentors trained youths in the vocational sphere for Lagos State, UNDP, USADF, and GIZ. She is a content creator, editor, and publisher. Mary has qualifications and knowledge in lab technology, digital training, spa therapy, aromatherapy, physical therapy, advocacy, public health, and several other soft professional skills, including project management. Overall, Mary has been able to carve a niche in gospel content creation and is also involved in guiding young people towards purpose discovery.

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