Being still

Act 17 vs 28 “In him we live, we move and have our being.”

Being still in this context is not you doing nothing or looking and waiting for something to happen in order to continue what you were doing initially.

God has designed this life in such a way that man must go through certain challenges and storms as a process of preparing them for the glory ahead. Whenever we are going through storms and challenges God doesn’t want us to approach it with our Intellect or whatever resources we have. He just wants us to be still and see Him winning for us, no wonder King Saul couldn’t defeat Goliath.

He thought being strong and mighty with the camp of soldiers for many years could win him the battle, neglecting the Almighty God, the one that never uses weapons to win battles.

Being still is also allowing God to be the Governor of our life. It’s only when we are still that he speaks and reveals himself to us. This is highlighted in the life of Cornelius (Act 10 vs 30-33). If we desist from being still, there is a limit to what God can do in our lives. Being still is not accepting the reality that life brings to us but rather being patient and confessing the word of God out of that storm.

Another way of being still is allowing the word of God to be hidden in us; if the word is not hidden in our hearts we can’t have total peace, when there’s no peace fear comes in, when fear comes in, God can’t operate in that life. All God is saying is for us to hold our peace and let him fight our battle. Enough of taking decisions without hearing His perspective. Being still doesn’t just occur only when we have troubles but even in our everyday life, it must be a lifestyle.

We must master the voice of God and keep moving in His direction even though we don’t know where we are going to yet, when we are still our lives will be led by the Holy Spirit.

I pray that we understand the need to be still and let our Maker take over, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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