Waiting For The Master

Bible Reference: Isaiah 40:31

Our God is the God of many dynamics; some of which we are privileged to know, many of which we don’t know, and few of which we stumble into – like Father Jacob, “God was here, and I knew it not.”

When God made man, the relationship He wanted to build with man was that of friendship. However, He would sometimes relate with us as our Master. This, Jesus, exemplified in some of the parables that He gave. When the reference of a master is in place, it means there’s a task to be achieved by us for God within a stipulated time for a particular purpose, season, and reason. He who has God as a friend must first have submitted to God’s counsel many times without fail as God’s servant.

A friend is one who understands your patterns and cycles, one who can easily predict your actions, words, and inactions. God is saying before you advance into the level of friendship with Him, it’s important that you first understand His ways and counsel, obey Him and do whatever He wants you to.

Now to today’s topic, in our relationship with God as our Master, something very important is required. Anyone who falls short of this main requirement cannot be qualified in other areas. This requirement is like salt in your food. It’s a fundamental or foundational ingredient upon which other things build or find their essence in. What is this requirement? It is called WAITING. In simpler terms, anyone who cannot wait on God cannot serve Him, and anyone who cannot serve Him cannot be His friend. Do you recollect that before Jesus called His disciples friends, He ensured that they were indeed good servants of His? Those guys waited on Jesus till they were proven as such. 

Many of us want to be friends with Jesus but don’t want to go through the process. I tell you today, Jesus isn’t a magician. He understands what it means to be friends with you. He takes His friends seriously.          For any deep and close relationship you want with God, you must first WAIT. What does it mean to wait?

  1. It means allowing God to do what He wants through you just the way He wants without any extra addition from you
  2. Trusting God to lead you through whatever you’re going through at that point in time to reach His own expected end
  3. Using the strength of God through the Holy Spirit to depend on God at all times, not trying to get in God’s way
  4. Doing God’s things God’s way. 

When we do this, we’ll find out that we will get God’s results, thus, our friendship with God will be assured. It’s however important to note that before you can wait on God, you have to first be still. To be still is to be calm before God to get who He is, and what He can do, and to trust Him.

In all of these, May God empower us with mercy to be still in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Let Us Pray:

Father, it’s humanly impossible to wait on you, but with Your Spirit, it’s but a little thing. Please, in the mighty name of Jesus, help me to trust in You, Your Spirit, and Your name.  Help me not to trust in myself or any other but in You, Your power, and Your name in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank You, Father, because You hear me always. In Jesus’ name have I prayed. Amen. 

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