About ERC

The Inception of ENIITAN RC

ERC started in 2016, as just a gospel blog. The pioneer, Mary A. Adelakun began the journey based on the Lord’s instructions to her. She was not prepared because she never liked anything related to writing. However, she took up the assignment, yielding to the call.

As of now, the blog is widely read with readers from South Africa, Nigeria, Norway, the United States of America, the European Union, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Gambia, Australia, Ireland, Egypt, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, Bangladesh, Kenya, Germany, Afghanistan, Austria, Serbia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Singapore, Finland, Argentina, Laos, Croatia, Honduras, Mexico, Mongolia, Armenia, American Samoa, Indonesian, Nepal, Ghana, Philippines, and still counting. Looking back, she was not prepared. ENIITAN RC grew from just a blog to have an intercessory arm and a podcast channel.

Now, God had led us forward into becoming a Christian organization. This is and has been a transitory journey of faith.

Our Vision Statement

  1. To reach countries for Christ. 
  2. To ensure that the gospel is being heard by all. 
  3. To ensure that gospel materials, ebooks, and audio, are accessible by all. 
  4. To raise proper alters for nations of the world. 
  5. To raise God’s ambassadors.

Using the R.A.R.H approach which means the below:

  • Reach
  • Accessible
  • Raise
  • Heard

EniitanRC vision statement

The journey to the top, begins on your knees

Adeboye E.A., (2020, HGS Live Broadcast)

“Far from what we want, I think it is high time we ourselves, sat with our Father and ask, ‘Daddy what can I do for you?’ “

Adelakun M.A., 2021, para. 3

“Never forget the sacrifice that redeemed you. You’re precious! You’re loved! You’re royalty! You’re worth more!!! “

Adelakun M.A., 2021, para. 3​