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We are a Christian organization geared towards reaching countries with the gospel of Christ thus raising Godly ambassadors

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The Inception
ENIITAN RC also known as ERC started in 2016, just as a gospel blog. The pioneer, Mary A Adelakun began the journey based on the Lord’s instruction to her.

She was not prepared because she never really liked anything related to writing. But then, she took up the assignment, yielding to the call.

As of today, the blog is widely read, with readers from South Africa, Nigeria, Norway, United States, European Union, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Gambia, Australia, Ireland, Egypt, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia,…

Today's view of ERC...

ERC is a Christian Writing and Podcasting Organization made up of a team of 11 people with five departments, viz; writing, podcasting, social media, praying arm, and counseling unit. We are a team of people driven towards world impact and the grooming of godly generations of youths in the world. We reach people with valuable content that helps reform youths in the areas of their spiritual, social, and marital life.
We are professionals from different fields and have come together to give back to the world.

A man could say that he is sufficient in himself but his limitations are undeniable, the only true source is God, whose resource are inexhaustible

Mary Adelakun., 2021

ERC's Blog

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